September 14, 2014

Winter?? Fun!!!!!

Hello all my beloved followers.

I haven't written much in the last month or so because my computer has been in Lima again.  This time my video card went out and Kerry called Apple and got it covered so it only cost us time and the delivery to Lima for the the repair.  I think it cost us about $50.00 total for the repair.  We now have about $100.00 into the last two repairs but now I think we have a practically new computer.  New Motherboard and power source after the storm and now a new video card.

Since writing last time I have been documenting most of my travels and parties on Facebook.  Since coming back I have been getting to know our new teachers who replaced the ones that left over the summer.  We have a couple of people volunteering from Manchester, England (Kiki- go figure- and Louie).  We also have four new teachers, June from Perú via Osaka, David from Cleveland via the Philippines and Portland Maine and Rodrigo from Lima via London, Chile and I am sure some other places and Graham from New Zealand he is here on a one year sabbatical.  While we miss the people who left, the new people have stepped right up and have been a lot of fun to get to know.  I also have a new Head Teacher(Boss) who is also a lot of fun to work with and is from Scotland via most recently Katmandu.  So my last month and a half has been interesting getting to know a lot of people and having a lot of fun on the weekends.

Today we are having our annual Packer Party/Parrilla.  I suppose it is really called an Asado which is a barbecue where everyone brings some meat to grill, a dish to pass and something to drink.  I will grill during the first game (12:00) and watch the second game (Packer Game) and explain Football Americano!!  It should be great fun...

It appears that the rainy season has begun, because it rained all night last night....  Today I have a slideshow to share with your...

August 03, 2014

Trip Home

Well I made it back to Cajamarca yesterday.  I was very excited to return and feel like it's my home.  Interestingly, I found it more difficult to leave my family and friends this time around, unlike during winter break.  I think it has to do with realizing that we have spent a year away and this is actually is going to be my life for a long while.  It is not an experiment.   It also connects with the amazing feeling I had when I got back to my simpler life in Cajamarca.  I have emotionally accepted that this is my home.  Not necessarily Cajamarca, but living abroad, traveling, and experiencing the world from a different perspective.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family and friends and enjoy every minute experiencing their presence.  I will continue to miss people and long for my family and friends that can't be replaced.  I am however, falling into this lifestyle very easily and feel like I am on the correct course.

Surprisingly we didn't use our "good" camera at all and only have a few pictures from the I-phone and from others.  Here are some of the highlights from my trip.  I am sure Kerry will have a different perspective and of course different pictures when she returns in a couple of weeks....

We arrived and immediately went to Sobelman's for the burger that I was longing for for a long time.  A very nice tradition...
Shannon and Kieran  
The world cup puzzle we brought back for the kids. 

Our welcome home signs!
In line for Goliath!!!
Shannon got so crazy I had to cage her for a while.

At batman at Six Flags.

Getting ready for the trip to the cottage 

Retrieving the new Aqua Patio
Lunch with the family.

I didn't make it for the Kessler shots at Vandy's

Watching Shannon's game....
Photo bomb!!
Golf at Old Hickory
Watching Kieran's game.
Our Anniversary.
My beautiful bride..
The Clum's at the cottage.
Heading to Minocua

Kayaking with Tom.
Heading back for final visits....
Kopps...  Video to follow.....

Farewell visit...
Peter and his new golf clubs.
Heading home!!

July 05, 2014


Took a hike a few weeks ago with my friend Mike to Llacanora.  There are waterfalls behind the city to hike to.  It is a popular place for the locals to have picnics on the weekends.  Llacanora has two waterfalls that Kerry and I have seen a couple of times.  We heard that there was another one higher up so this trip was to find that water fall.  We never found it, but the following week a student who lives there told us that that waterfall is a myth.  It doesn't exist....  Ahhh....

This is where I would have expected the third waterfall to be.  

View from the top.

We think this is to climb across when the water is high...  Not sure I would do that though.   

Llacanora Plaza de Armas..  A very cute little square... 

Going Away Party

We had a going away party for our friends who are leaving next week.  Here are some of the pictures.