July 05, 2014


Took a hike a few weeks ago with my friend Mike to Llacanora.  There are waterfalls behind the city to hike to.  It is a popular place for the locals to have picnics on the weekends.  Llacanora has two waterfalls that Kerry and I have seen a couple of times.  We heard that there was another one higher up so this trip was to find that water fall.  We never found it, but the following week a student who lives there told us that that waterfall is a myth.  It doesn't exist....  Ahhh....

This is where I would have expected the third waterfall to be.  

View from the top.

We think this is to climb across when the water is high...  Not sure I would do that though.   

Llacanora Plaza de Armas..  A very cute little square... 

Going Away Party

We had a going away party for our friends who are leaving next week.  Here are some of the pictures.


Before we came to Perú I saw this trip in the guide books and thought that there would be no way to get Kerry to take this trip.  I thought that the only way I was going was if my friend Pete came to visit.  Well, Kerry surprised me again, I guess she realized that this was a once in a lifetime experience and that we will probably never get here again to experience it.  Kerry's blog has a great description of the trip(http://kerryedwyer.com/2014/07/02/kuelap-the-city-in-the-clouds/), so check out her blog if you haven't already.  Here are some pictures that I liked.
Gocta! Falls 

No guard rails

King of the World!

One of many road blocks!

Stairs to Kuelap.

Cute Llama....  Actually he's pooping...

Love of my life...

If you look to the right in the distance you can see the road.  We had to drive that road all the way around the perimeter of the canyon.  You can see it reappear on the left near the top of the rocks in the foreground.  A harrowing drive! 

Getting gas...  

The transport truck needs to wait.....  These trucks transport people, cattle and anything else you can fit.  

Road block

Crazy road!