June 28, 2019

Time to blow the dust off the blog

It has been a while since my last post. Since my last post, I traveled through South America, lived in Mexico City and Madison, WI. 


Atacama Desert 


Botero in Colombia






Up North




Our Shipment


Packers game!



Chazen in Madison

Assembly Madison

Goofy nephew babysitting 
Making Pasta with Jan and Ted

Traveling to Honduras

Mallards in Madison

Mallards in Madison

Phewwwww, Now....

Kerry and I are preparing for yet another move. In August, we will be moving to San Pedro Sula (SPS), Honduras. SPS will be the first place we live in Central America. I spent the winter searching for my next job and found a job in an international school called, Escuela Internacional Sampedrana. It is an international school with 1500 students set in the foothills of the Merendón mountains in the department on Cortés. The campus is beautiful and the students are very nice and speak English at an almost native level.  I will be the Dean of Academics in charge of the AP Capstone program, teaching strategies professional development, and an internship program that I have to have ready to go by the end of the year. 

SPS, Escuela Internacional Sampedrana

SPS Escuela Internacional Sampedrana

Omoa, Honduras

Pulha Falls, Honduras

Golf in SPS!
It will be a bit of a transition for me considering that I haven't worked in high school yet and I haven't taught since 1996. :) I guess I will be a little ahead of Kerry as she hasn't ever taught. We will both teach the same class. I will have 10th grade students and Kerry 11th grade students. We will teach the AP Seminar class for the first time in the school. We both are looking forward to the experience.  

So we are now in full transition mode. We have moved a bunch of our things to Jenny and John's house and have them stored there until July 23rd when they will be packed and shipped to our house in SPS. 
Our stuff ready to move to Honduras
In the meantime, we are heading to Tommy's house today, the cottage on Monday, training in Baltimore the following week and the cottage for the final two weeks before the move on July 29th. Oh yeah, and we are visiting friends in Rhinelander during those final weeks after training as well. 

So that is the update. I will begin posting some of my favorite pictures to this site. I will also begin a transition away from Facebook. I just feel like it is all getting too big and I am too connected to the website and I shouldn't be so connected to anything that much. I am going to try to continue to be in contact with friends and family through this website and I haven't decided yet how exactly I am going to post the pictures. I feel like this is a good forum or I might make a more private website. Once I figure it all out I will send a notification to all friends and family as to where to find me. 

The transition will be slow, but I hope to make it so that I am able to keep in contact with everyone easily. It might take a bit more work to stay connected, but our friendships are worth it. 

April 18, 2015


Last weekend Kerry and I went to an art museum/house/workshop of an artist named Oswaldo Guayasamín. The museum and his house were absolutely amazing.  Here are some pictures of our time at his house, workshop and museum.