January 28, 2015

Long Break continued.....

Nonna's in MKE before we left MKE
Private bus in Panama

KISS photobomb at the Hard Rock Hotel
Fish Market

Frank Gehry designed Bio Museum

Tourist Hop on - Hop off bus...  We are getting old....

Acon Hill Panama

The Canal

Original Bucyrus Crane

The different levels of the locks
Levels are leveled for the boat

For Dave Bernacci thinking of Alaska!

Better picture of the Bucyrus Crane
Frank Gehry designed Bio Museum

The Panama Screw

Panama Viejo

The Packer Game at the Hard Rock!

Back in Lima, Perú

Exploding tempered glass---Bloody legs

Kitchen at Astrid Y Gastón 
Pyramids in Lima

Las Chicas
Sushi in Lima with Aunt Dawn's glasses

The Long Break

I really love the long winter break that the South American school schedule affords. It also makes the school year nice and obvious.  We start in February and end in December. So last school year was very easy to understand it was the 2014 school year, not the 2014/15 school year.

That might all change as I look for a new school to work in for the 2015/2016 school year or if I land a particular job I might remain on the southern hemisphere schedule in one of the schools of which I am looking. At the moment things are very up in the air and fluid.

This year's break brought us home for Christmas, Panama, and Lima before coming back here for two weeks before school begins again. Hopefully the job scene clears up for me in the next couple of weeks. Here are some pictures of the places I went on my summer vacation....

We arrived home rather close to Christmas which was nice.  Here are some of the pictures:

Shannon in the Geography Bee.--  Better than the Spelling Bee 
Mom at the Geiger Christmas

From Peter's Perspective

New Year's Eve Party!
Yum, Bryan's famous chai creme brulee...
Checking on Angela's cottage on the way to Ann and Tim's cottage!
The snow shoe bunnies!
Bunny feet with sores....How do the bunnies do it?
Pat and his Cubans
Pasta at Linda and Skip's 
Bourbon at Skip and Linda's

More pictures to come ......on the next post